Set the Tone

A couple years ago I moved to the city from a small town as a single gal ready to meet my next boyfriend. This was, of course, going to happen as he asked me out while we walked past each other on King West on our way to work, after making intense eye contact. Well, that fantasy was rudely interrupted as it turned out my walk to work was more so a hustle bustle of people taking a large intersection like Spadina with 5 seconds left on the cross walk – like waiting an extra 25 second was a make or break in getting to work. It’s no New York by any means, but still, a slow walker on a sidewalk has now become something I do not have time for anymore. The point is, people are so much in their own bubbles that I decided no one was going to stop and ask me out on the sidewalk because they have to make this intersection, and there is now only 4 seconds remaining.

Once this was deemed a failure, I thought I would dabble in this “online dating” that was so successful for so many people. Once I held my finger to the lips of shame and told it to “shhhh”, I signed up for my first online dating experience. The most popular one I had heard of was Plenty of Fish, POF, and was one of the free online dating sites, so I decided this would be the beginning, let’s open the flood gates. After a relatively quick survey and the creation of an account, my ego was immediately boosted from the incoming messages. In all seriousness though, if you do need to up the counts on the ego chalkboard, just sign on for the messages. Some may be me copied and pasted to every girl by that same guy while he fishes with dynamite, but hey, even a one liner of “You’re beautiful” is uplifting!

So after sifting through dozens of messages I narrowed down my top three candidates, which is how the Manport came in creation. The ladies at work, who were mostly middle aged and married with kids for over a decade, were always asking for updates on my dating life. I then because coined the professional dater. I would send out a weekly Manport via email with their pictures and a brief description of basic this likes height and age, a summary of our date(s), and then rank in terms of everyone I was currently dating.

When I switched jobs the Manport was sadly put to rest. I still consider myself to be a frequent dater. I actually do enjoy dating. Most people find it an uncomfortable process, however I love meeting new people and creating new experiences. Not only does each date help me learn more about other people, but also what I truly need in a man and relationship. I thought that blogging was the perfect opportunity to revive this report and instead elaborate on all of my dating experiences. The funny, the petrifying, the success, the disappointment, you name it. Stay tuned for my first Manport – “The Shoe Guy” “The Jew” and “Blue Eyes”.




  1. Love your adventurous spirit in trying something new =).

    Though, keep in mind that an admirer may not stop you, because of time constraint or fear of rejection. Yet, you are noticed just the same. It’s called a missed connection. Those instances happen all the time, especially now that people are on the fence of whether to approach someone being that everyone is so busy these days. Keep your heart open to all possibilities and check us out when you have a chance – we do missed connections and online dating.

    Make your own luck in love <3!


    1. Thank you very much!

      Thank you for that, the “missed connection”, I like that. You’re right in that connections will always vary, and not necessarily be placed in one box or another, black or white if you will. Even eye contact on the street, or a conversation that sparks a connection, is still a wonderful encounter regardless if it leads to something more meaningful or not; the missed connection.

      I always try to keep an open heart no matter how exhausting dating can become. I appreciate and take something away from every relationship I have had. I will absolutely check Peeksi out.

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