Tip Page

Tip #1: Do not rush into meeting someone. Wait a couple of weeks chatting with them online, or at least a substantial amount of conversation depending on how frequently you talk. One of my girlfriends was telling me about a teacher she met online and she wasn’t sure if she should meet up with him yet. I asked if it was because she wasn’t ready to get back into dating, or if she was still undecided if she liked the guy or not. She then proceeded to go into further detail of how he lived a little too far and mentioned she only knew his screen name….whoop there it is. If you do not know the basics, this is a sign of too soon – don’t become a victim that makes the front page of a newspaper. She also mentioned that during the initial conversation of him telling her what he does for a living, he said “don’t worry, I’m not one of those creepy teachers!” Hm, if you have to mention it, that’s kind of a red flag that your very well could be, and it’s all I’m going to think about now, goodbye.

Tip #2: Always have a Plan B on your first date. Ah the first date. It’s always nice to have those butterflies again and you can fantisize that “maybe he’s the one”, but let’s be realistic for a moment shall we? There is a very good chance the guy you are about to meet is not exactly what you envisioned him to be. This may sound silly, but even things like voice and mannerisms can change someone’s character. I once dated a shorter guy with this booming politician-like voice that made him incredibly attractive. It ended up being an attribute that contributed to why I ended up dating that short, handsome, little pocket lover. It lasted a beautiful two months. I’ll never date short again. Anyway, tell your date before you meet him so you are not stuck there wondering “how the hell can I abort this mission?” If you end up liking him, let him know you set it up just in case it didn’t go well. Like I mention in  The Shoe Guy, The Jew and Blue Eyes, this is a win-win.

Tip #3: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Date around; multiple people at once. You don’t want to get too invested in one person because the odds are, they are dating multiple people as well. You can compare traits that you like and dislike among them and figure out what you really like. Women can get too ahead of themselves, it will lessen the blow when you have your feelings invested in someone else, God for bid you break up, until it becomes a mutual agreement to date each other exclusively.

Tip #4: Listen to your gut. I tend to be too nice and feel guilty, so I see people again thinking that maybe the next time will be better, especially if the person is very good looking. Don’t. Do. It. If your gut is telling you something is missing, it’s because something is missing. I once came up with an incredibly embarrassing excuse to escape a date when we met up 6 months later. I thought “Why not? Maybe I’ll notice something this time, or the timing is better”. Nope. The minute he walked in the door, I was like “Oh God, it’s all coming back why I did not want to see you again the first time around”. It’s okay to have dating low periods, don’t become dependant on having men around. The time in between is for you, and to be honest, that is when I’ll end up meeting amazing people, because I’m not looking.


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